Asia Grace

About Asia Grace

Asia Grace is a showcase for the textures and traditions of Asia. Volume 1 features all the photographs that appeared in the book Asia Grace, which I photographed, designed, and produced. This oversized coffee-table book was published by Taschen in 2002. Only 30,000 copies were printed, and all have been sold, so the only way to buy the book today is as a used copy. Reasonably-priced copies can be found here on Amazon. There is unlikely to be a second edition.

For more on how this book was made, see the Production Notes.

The now-out-of-print Asia Grace book contained no captions at all. Instead I've posted my caption for each photograph on this website. In addition I solicit stories from readers (like you) who may know more about the scene than I do. I post those stories that are constructive and informative.

Volume 2 is a continuation of the images which I have captured since the publication of the book. I likewise solicit stories from readers for these photographs. My newest images or comments to an older image are posted in the Asia Grace blog. Perhaps someday there may be an Asia Grace 2.

You are free to copy images from this site to use elsewhere on the web as long as you provide me and my site with credit, and link back to it. If you want hi-res versions to use in printed material, I charge for my time in preparing the files. Large, beautifully crafted prints of each image, suitable for framing, can be purchased from the individual image page.

-- Kevin Kelly